Industrial Open Frame and Touch Screen Monitors

Integrated Elo Touch Panel Solution TouchScreen

We provide three types of touch screens, size ranges from 6.5" ~ 24".

  1. Surface Acoustic Wave touch screen
  2. 5 wires resistive touch screen with controller via RS232 or USB
  3. Muti-Touch (P-Cap) projective capacitive touch screen
High Brightness Open Frame Monitor Outdoor High Brightness Monitior

Enhance luminance of panel backlight for the monitors to be read by the human eyes under the sunlight. Sunlight readable monitor provides from 1,000-1,700 nits of brightness versus 200-300 nits of brightness for a typical desktop computer monitor. Click here to see the video of our High Brigtness LCD Open Frame Monitor on the helicopter.

Mechanical Design Mechanical Design

We specialize in custom industrial TFT chassis display and LCD panel solutions. We also provide custom rack mount solutions such as industrial open frame monitor, showroom chassis monitor, factory panel mount...etc.

Optical Bonding Optical Bonding

Optical bonding technology is to inject optical glue into the space between a touch screen (or a cover glass) and the LCD panel to remove the air gap. On one hand, optical bonding technology reduces the internal and external reflection. On the other hand, it improves the vibration and eliminates moisture.