About Us

VisionsTEK Inc. (VT) was founded in 2005. We are an OEM/ODM company. We started with custom industrial open frame monitior and touch screens. Over the years, we have expanded to embedded panel PC for industries ranging from transportation and logistics, to marine and military, railway, medical, healthcare, and field service. We offer options from off the shelf to specific custom designs to fit your needs.

With relentless effort from our engineering staff throughout the last fourteen years, VisionsTEK has met the challenge of operating system evolution. Our Open Frame Monitor supports Win XP/Vista/7/8/10, Win7 embedded system, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Our engineer design has stood test of time throughout thousands of application, different field conditions, and collaborate with many Fortune 500 companies to support and integrate our open frame monitor to your system.

VisionsTEK has built our reputation with quality, reliability, superior customer service, and most importantly, a direct engineering support. We are not just a LCD open frame monitor vendor. We are proud to be your partner of the present and the future!